Saturday, June 23, 2012

Things to do Before Graduating FSU

  • Perform the Tennessee Waltz (every bar along the strip)
  • See a Show at the Moon
  • Walk along The Rape Trail (St. Mark's Trail) at night
  • Be Thrown in the Fountain (bonus if it's your birthday)
  • Participate in Dance Marathon
  • Participate in Relay for Life
  • Dress well for Club Pub
  • Go to a Frat Party
  • Happy Hour at Pots
  • Ride Night-Nole drunk
  • Eat Breakfast for a dollar
  • Pre-game for a Football Game
  • Go to a Homecoming Game
  • Spontaneous Seminole Chop in a group at a non-sporting event 
  • All-nighter at Strozier
  • Canoe/Kayak/Paddle Board at the Rez Center
  • Wakulla Springs
  • Sister Sinks
  • Bear Paw (must be drunk)
  • See a step-performance on Market Wednesday
  • Eat at Po'Boys
  • Eat at Gordo's
  • Visit Tennessee St. McDonald's drunk

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