Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dub Step, Dub Step, Club Step

I recently crawled from the wonderful rock I live under and while I've managed to keep up with the basic necessities of eating and breathing,  music, movies and television has fallen far out of my sphere. Today I saw the commercial for the upcoming flick Red Tails. I'm not here to question what looks like a baffling premise for a movie, or why Anthony Hemingway is still doing there, I'm here to comment on the commercial's music selection: Dubstep.  So it seems the technomechanical music child of 2011 is being changed for a wider audience.
I go and dance at raves, or the street, or my room but I'm not really one for clubs so while I'm familiar with dubstep, it seems puzzling in any context where I'm not going for a jog or covered with glowlights.
no fucks to give when I'm a banana
So I asked my roommate who does go to clubs "Do they play dubstep at clubs yet?"
His response "Kind of...yeah, sometimes."
While I appreciate a good noncommittal answer, 'kind of' was enough to let me play the auger for a moment. Dubstep, the once baffling new techno music genre originally designed for mood music while the Terminator and RoboCop make wild passionate humping, it seems is be under retooling for the public palate.
DUBSTEP is what they were listening to
The logical club version would be called Clubstep.
What happens to our dubstep "classics"? A toned-down version of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites? I can see it. Random soundbytes playing in a mall while you shop blended in with muzak, plausible.
But a better question that keeps me up at night: what will happen to dubstep remixes of previous songs?
Skrillex's remix of Benny Bennasi's Cinema turns to what? Can I take out the parts that are too intense and will that just leave Benny Benassi with ghostly remnants of Skrillex?
Ellie Goulding what will become of you?
But we've done it with movies so many times so the bag of fucks seems to remain full and undoled.

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